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«Scholars discuss the upholding of media ethics at CILE public lecture»

Scholars tackled the issue of upholding media ethics amid the paradigm shifts currently underway in the Arab world at the Research Center for Islamic Legislation and Ethics' (CILE) most recent public lecture, held at Georgetown University School of Foreign Service in Qatar earlier this week.

The "Media ethics in times of transformation" forum hosted Dr Yahya El Yahyaoui, Professor of Knowledge Economics at Mohammed V University in Morocco, Dr Motaz Al Khateeb, Islamic Studies Researcher and Senior Producer at Al Jazeera and Dr Alain Gresh, Editor of Le Monde diplomatique.

Approaching the topics of media ethics from different perspectives, Dr El Yahyaoui tackled the issues pertaining to changing nature of media through the emergence of citizen journalism and information overload. Dr Al Khateeb called for strengthened coverage vested in public interests through the use of legal traditions and the science of Shariah objectives. While, Dr Alain Gresh focused on the move away from corporate media through the growth of alternative media, used to support the broadcast of society's marginalised voices.

CILE, a member of Qatar Faculty of Islamic Studies, hosted the media ethics seminar as part of its ongoing public lecture series, which brings together leading scholars and experts to discuss pressing contemporary issues. The lecture series aims to provide ethical solutions to matters in various disciplines including, politics, economics, media, the arts, environment, education, gender issues and psychology.

Doha, 06 November 2013

About the Research Center for Islamic Legislation and Ethics (CILE):
CILE aims to contribute to the reform and renewal of Islamic thought by developing a contemporary vision guided by the fundamental principles of the Holy Qur'an, Sunnah and the higher objectives of Islamic Shariah.

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